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Shri Shail Mahalaxmi temple is in Sylhet town, Bangladesh. Shri Shail temple is one of the 51 Shaktipeethas of goddess Sati. Here Goddess's name is Mahalakshmi, and Bhairav's name is Sambharanand. According to belief, the 'Griba' / Neck or throat of Goddess Sati had fallen at this place. Because 'Griba' means neck in Sanskrit, this Peeth is called Griva Peeth. It is also claimed that the devi's seven Aaparnas (jewels) also fell around this tremendous Peeth, and all are worshipped as spatha matas. Some say Kandta or hatta means neck, and Sreehatta is now known as Sylhet. Sree'shail' means hill in Sanskrit and is today known as Sylhet.  According to Puranas, wherever parts of Sati's body, clothes or ornaments fell, Shaktipeeths exists there.

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A history that everyone wants to know. According to mythology, Goddess Greba fell on a rock, which has worshipped since ancient times. This back remained hidden or hidden for a long time. Between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries of Bengal, road construction came here.

At that time, Deviprasad Das hired some labourers there for road work. When the repair work of the road continued, a black rock came out while digging the ground. Nothing could move that rock from that place.

Just then, a worker cuts Sheela in two with a sable. And immediately, a girl came out from the nearby forest and slapped the worker, and the girl disappeared in front of everyone's eyes. That night Goddess Mahalakshmi saw Devi Prasad in her dream. Devi told Deviprasad in the dream, "You install me at this place and make arrangements for daily worship".

It is a great fortune to have such a dream, so as soon as he had it, the rich man Devi Prasad made arrangements to build a temple of the goddess with lakhs of bricks. But the next night, he again dreamed that the goddess was saying to Deviprasad, "I don't want to be closed. I don't need to build a close temple; you leave me in the open.

On receiving such an order, Deviprasad covered the surrounding rock with bricks. Even today, the descendants of Deviprasad are engaged in the maintenance of the temple. Shri Shail is also known as Kailash of the South or Brahmagiri.

So on this Sati Peeth Mahalakshmi Bhairavi Griba, the goddess has been worshipped for many years. Since the goddess did not want to remain closed, she wanted to live in the open state. That's why the roof had not made over this temple. This temple is still open from above.

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History of Debut of Devi Bhairav

Like Devi, Bhairava Sarbananda was at first hidden here. No one knew about Bhairav's whereabouts. One day a great saint Brahmananda came to Giri Srihatta and attained siddha in pursuing the goddess.

That Sadhaka came to know by doing sadhana that there is a hill to the west of Goddess Mahalakshmi, and Lord Shiva is on that hill. One day, late at night, the saint took his disciples up the hill and told them that this was the place where the goddess Bhairav was.

Acharya Sankara was a disciple of Brahmananda Giri, a saint of the Ten Names sect. He was also a great saint. But the sad thing is that he breathed his last before rescuing Bhairav in 1281 Bengal. Acharya Sankara was a disciple of Brahmananda Giri, a saint of the Ten Names sect. He was also a great saint. His name was Birjanath Nyayabagish.

Then in the month of Magha in 1286 Bangalabd, he saw a strange dream. He saw his Gurudev Brahmananda Giri climbing the Shiva mound with two disciples saying, "Here is the place of the god. I will reveal him". Then the Shiva linga was found by digging in the ground, breaking his dream Birjanath saw that his two disciples Kailas Chandra Bhattacharya and Krishna. Kumar Bhattacharya came to his house. Miraculously they also had this same dream, and both the disciples told Gurudev everything about the dream.

When Gurudev Birjananda realized that all three of them had the same dream on the same night, without delay, Gurudev Birjananda took the two disciples up to the hill to dig the ground, and the Shivlinga along with Gauripatta came up.

Thus the goddess Bhairav appeared to everyone after remaining hidden for many days. All the people of the village came running, and hence the worship of Lord Shiva began there. The Mahalakshmi Bhairavi Griba Shaktipeeth, or Sati Peeth, is famous for celebrating the Navratri festival. Many people gather at this holy place of pilgrimage around this festival. All devotees come here with all their life problems. Besides that, local people worship here with devotion.


All the festivals are celebrated in Shree Shail Shakti Peeth. Especially Durga Puja and special puja is organised to celebrate Navratras. During these festivals, some people observe fast (not eating food) as a mark of respect and dedication towards the worship of God. The temple has decorated with flowers and lights during festivals. 

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Temple Timing: 5:00 AM- 10:00 PM

Best time to visit: August - March

How to reach

1. By Bus

Sylhet Bustand is the nearest one to Shri Shail temple, approx 2.1km.

2. By Train 

Sylhet Railway station is 2.6 km from the temple.

3. By Air

Osmani International Airport is the nearest (13km)  airport to reach Shri Shail / Sri Sri Mahalaxmi Bhairab Griba Shakti Peeth. 


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