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Mahishmardini Shakti Peeth Bakreshwar (also known as Vakreshwar) is one of the 51 Shakti Peethas in India. The Bakreshwar Temple is on the banks of the Paphra River in West Bengal. It is in the district of Birbhum, approximately 24 kilometres from the town of Siuri and 240 kilometres from Kolkata. Devi Mahishmardini (destroyer of Mahishasur) is the idol worshipped here, and the Bhairav here is Vakranath.

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Bakreshwar Temple Architecture

The temple is well-known for its Oriya architecture. The Mahishmardini and Vikranth temples are located within the temple complex. The former features antique paintings of the goddess which are taken care of under the supervision of Archaeological Survey of India. A large boundary wall with an entrance gate on the eastern side encircles the temple complex. There are stairs up to the main entrance of the temple, which is situated on an elevated platform. Extensive carvings and sculptures of many legendary figures adorn the temple's entrance.

The goddess Mahishmardini's idol is housed in the temple's inner sanctum, or garbhagriha, which serves as the principal shrine. The black stone idol is embellished with various clothing and accessories. The idols of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu are placed on each side of it.

Other smaller shrines, including those to Lord Ganesha, Lord Hanuman, and Lord Kartikeya, are also present in the temple. A tiny tank or pond that is close to the temple is also seen to be a sacred location for ritual washing.

The Bakreshwar Shakti Peeth temple's design is a reflection of the traditional Bengali style of temple building, which is distinguished by fine carvings, elaborate exterior decorations, and beautiful domes and spires.

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Legends Associated with the Temple

When Lord Vishnu used his Sudarshan chakra on Devi Sati's burnt corpse, the piece between her eyebrows, representing her mind, is supposed to have fallen in this spot. Later, a shrine was built and dedicated to the worship of powers. 

Another legend goes as a myth about how the area received its current name. Once upon a time, two renowned munis named Subrita and Lomas were invited to participate in the Swayamvar of Devi Lakshmi. When Rishi Lomas arrived first, Rishi Subrita was filled with rage that eventually twisted his nerves into eight folds, earning his name the moniker Ashtavakra. Sage Ashtabakra resolved to do penance for his mistake. He went to Kashi to worship Lord Shiva to overcome his weak emotions like anger. When he reached Kashi, he was told to travel east to a place called Gupta Kashi and start meditating. Sage Ashtavakra did so, eventually reaching Bakreshwar, where he recited and recited prayers in praise of Shiva for ten thousand years. Pleased with his dedication and repentance, Lord Shiva granted a boon that Sage Ashtabakra would be worshipped in front of Lord Shiva. Vishwakarma, the god's architect, built a splendid temple honouring the sage on the Supreme Lord's orders.

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River and Hot Springs

The Phaphra River is supposed to be the Sin Remover. After bathing in the Phaphra, the Mahamuni Ashtabhakta attained enlightenment. This location is well-known for its scenic splendour. There are seven hot springs. Each of the seven regional hot springs is related to a Shiva Linga. Shiva Lingas are found near every spring. 

The seven hot springs are:

  • Khar Kunda 
  • Bhairav Kunda 
  • Agni Kunda 
  • Dudh Kunda
  • Surya Kunda 
  • Brahma Kunda 
  • Amrita Kunda


The management committee organises a spectacular fair surrounding the Bakreshwar Shakti Peeth on Shivratri. The fair includes joyrides for children, devotional music performances, and storytelling. Girls fast for the entire day to obtain a spouse like Shiva, and they complete their fast by presenting fruits, sweets, milk, and bel leaves to the Lord. 

Nearby places to visit 

  • Bakreshwar Dham
  • Bakreshwar Hot Spring 
  • Fullara Maa Shakti Peeth 
  • Suri 
  • Tantipara 
  • Patharchapuri 
  • Karakamal Durga Mandir 
  • Kali Mandir 
  • Bakreshwar waterfall

Temple Timing

6:30 AM to 1:00 PM 

5:00 PM to 9:00 PM 

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