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One of the 51 Shakti Peethas, Avanti Maa Temple or Avanti Shakti Peeth Ujjain Madhya Pradesh is also known locally as Gad Kalika Temple. Goddess is considered the presiding deity of Avantika, i.e. Ujjain. Avanti Shakti Peeth is the place where Lord Shri Krishna and Rama got an education. It is situated on Bhairavparvat on the banks of the Shipra River in Ujjain, India.

Here Lord Shiva's Bhairav form is Lambkarna,and Avanti Maa in the form of Shri Maha Kali. It represents one of the old temples in India and is reputed to be 5000 years old. Goddess Avanti is a member of the Ashtadasa Peethas. 

This temple is one of the seven locations on Earth that lead to Moksha. 

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Architechture of Avanti Shaktipeeth

The Avanti Shakti Peeth Ujjain structure evolved using unusual, vibrant stones. The temple's wall and roof are constructed from excellent stones, providing tourists with a picturesque vista. Ceremonies and prayers have conducted in the temple every day.

As a result, there are no documents on who built the Avanti Shakti Peeth Ujjain or when, although it most likely dates to the 4th century BC, when the Avanti Kingdom founded Ujjain. The Avanti Kings, who dominated the area and were a holy site for the royal line, gave rise to the name of the Avanti Shakti Peeth. The Mahabharata epic also refers to the Avanti temple. Visitors to this temple can learn more about it and its practices from locals.

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About Goddess Avanti

The sacred site is devoted to "Goddess Durga," who has been revered by numerous Hindu devotees as Maa Avanti or Avantika. Upper Lip by Devi Sati is thought to have fallen here. Devi Avanti's statue has always been draped in one red cloth because married women in India hold the colour red in high regard. Alternatively, the millions of pilgrims from across the nation who visit this ancient divine temple each year worship a legendary Avanti Shakti Peeth Ujjain of divine power as a supreme power of Durga Shakti "Avanti."


Legends tell that there was once a demon named Andhakaleshwar. That demon Andhakaleshwar had terrorized the earth. Then Adi Parashakti took the form of Kali to protect all the worlds. The devil had received a boon from Lord Brahma that wherever his blood was shed, demons like him would appear. During the battle, the goddess spread her tongue, absorbed all the blood released by the demon and eventually killed him. After that this place was named Avanti Peeth. 


The Kumbh Mela and several other events make Ujjain famous. The Shri Avanti Devi Temple also takes part in the festivities in Ujjain. In particular, Shivaratri and Navratri have enthusiastically observed this temple.

Importance of Avanti Temple

People request the Goddess to be granted their wishes and flourish. The significance of the temple is that people visit the Avanti Shakti Peeth, Ujjain to fulfil progeny and wedding proposals.

Other Places To Visit

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2. Kaal Bhairav

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3. Ganga Ghat

4. Bade Ganesh Ji Ka Mandir

5. Begum Ka Maqbara


6:00AM - 7:00PM

How To Reach Avanti Shakti Peeth Ujjain

By Road

You must first travel to the capital city of Indore before you may discover many local vehicles. Ujjain is well connected to the rest of India, and visitors can arrive here using any transportation. The Agra-Mumbai highway is the best route to get to Indore and from there to Ujjain while travelling.

By Railway

Ujjain itself has a railway station that is the closest. The closest rail hub is Indore Junction. The distance to Avanti Shakti Peeth Ujjain is 53 kilometres.

By Airport

The closest airport to Ujjain is in Indore, which is 52 kilometres distant. A few domestic flights travel to Indore from the country's largest cities. The distance between Avanti Shakti Peeth Ujjain and the closest airport, Devi Ahilya Bai Holkar International, is 60 kilometres.

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