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A famous Hindu temple honouring the goddess Kali in Bangladesh is called Jeshoreshwari Kali Temple. "Jeshoreshwari" means "Goddess of Jeshore" in Sanskrit. The temple is in Satkhira's Ishwaripur, which is a Shyamnagar upazila. Jeshoreshwari is one of the 51 Peethas of Sati. The location of Sati's palm fall symbolizes Jeshoreshwari. 

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It has believed that a Brahman by the name of Anari served as the founder of the temple. For Jeshoreshwari Peeth, he founded a structure with one hundred doors. Later, during Lakshman Sen and Pratapaditya's takes over, it underwent renovations.

According to legend, it has known that Maharaja Pratapaditya's father, Vikramaditya and one of his associates, Basanta Roy, secretly loaded Sultan's immense wealth of boats and sent them to this area during the extreme anarchy in Gaur after the arrival of innumerable ships carrying the treasures of Gaur, the fame of the forest-covered site gradually spread. 

It is a proverb that the newly established state was named Jessore because of the prosperity of this area by taking away the fame of Gaur. Then Pratapaditya established his new capital in 156 near Iswaripur. Legend has it that Pratapaditya found this temple at a confluence of the Jamuna and Ichhamati rivers When he saw smoke rising from a distance while building a new capital city. Another view is that the king saw a line of miraculous light coming out of the jungle here and falling on a rock in the shape of a human's palm. He got closer and discovered that the ray was coming from a stone shaped like a human palm.

Pratapaditya afterwards began to worship Kali and erected the Jeshoreshwari Kali Temple. It was given the nickname "Goddess of Jessore" because of Jessore. Then they find this seat. It was the most outstanding achievement of King Pratapaditya's life. He built a chalk-matched temple in honour of the Goddess Jessoreshwari. The new capital city renowned by the king was Jessoreshwari Puri. From then on, the name of this village was Jossoreshwaripur. But now it is Ishwaripur. From the time of King Pratapaditya, his Mantraguru and Dewan Chattopadhyay family is the male servant of this temple.

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Temple Architecture: 

A big rectangular covered platform known as Natmondir was built close to the main temple, from which the goddess's visage can be visible. Laxman Sen renovated it in the late 13th century, but the builders still need to be discovered. It fell apart after 1971. Only the pillars are visible now. The statue in the temple is a unique creation of sculptural art of the local Chanda nation of South Bengal. The temple is inhabited by a terrifying Karalvadana made of hard stone and a beautiful Kali idol. Only the face of the mother figure established on the temple -the altar is visible.


Regardless of sectarian divides, pilgrims from all over the world travel to the temple. The priest conducts worship every Saturday and Tuesday at noon. But there was a worship schedule in place before 1971. The current temple caretakers hold a ceremony on the day of Kali puja each year. A fair is also going on all around the temple grounds. This fair has held for three days in front of temples.

At the centre of the festival, Goddess Jessoreswari adorns herself with various ornaments and blesses the devotees. Kali Puja has dedicated to the Hindu goddess Kali. During worship, thousands of devotees in the temple worshipped, vowed and listened to the Mother's glory.

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Nearby Places To Visit:

1.Banshipur Mallik-Para Jame Masjid

2.Tenga Masjid

How to Reach:

It would be best if you first traveled to Satkhira, and then take an auto-rickshaw or bus to the temple. To go to Satkhira, the only way is to take a bus and then cross a river by boat.


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