Manasa Devi - Information, Timings & best place to visit

Location: Two routes to reach Mount Kailash from the Indian side.

Route 1: The Lipulekh Pass route starts with a 3-4 day stay in Delhi.
Route 2: The Nathu La Pass route journey starts with a 3-4 day stay from Delhi.

Temple Timings: 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Best Time to Visit

Mid-May to October is considered as the best time to visit the temple due to its climate conditions.

Mythology of the Shakti Peeth

Manasa Shaktipeeth is one of the 51 Shakti Peeth famous in Hinduism. According to the Puranas, Shaktipeethas came into existence wherever the body parts, clothes, and ornaments worn by the Mother Sati fell. These Shaktipeethas have great importance in religious terms and are considered as the most sacred shrines. These shrines are spread all over the Indian subcontinent.

About the Temple

Mount Kailash is the 'throne of Lord Shiva' for Hindus. Also, it is a huge natural pavilion for Buddhists and Rishabhdev's Nirvana site for Jains. Both Hindus and Buddhists consider this place a repository of tantric powers. Even though it is geographically subordinate to China, it is an ancient pilgrimage center for Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, and Tibetans. The divine energy of the temple is known as Goddess Manasa and Lord 'Amar.' Manasa Shaktipeeth is situated on the banks of the China-authorized Lake Manasarovar, where Sati's 'right hand' fell.

Route Position

The journey to Mansarovar is inaccessible. For this, first registration has to be done, and the permission of China has to be obtained. From the Kathgodam railway station of Uttarakhand, one can get a bus to Pithoragarh. Another option is to reach Pithoragarh from Kathgodam via Vaidyanath, Vageshwar, Didihat, or go directly to Pithoragarh from Tanakpur railway station.

Moreover, one can go to Mansarovar via Nepal. From here, Mansarovar falls about 1000 km from Kathmandu. It is convenient to travel by private taxi or car. Taxis are available from Kathmandu itself. The 'Friendship Bridge' is located on the Nepal-China border. Customs clearance and other evidence etc. are checked as well. After about four days, the 'roof of the world' reaches Mansarovar.

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Mansarovar Lake

Manasarovar Lake lies at 4,590 m (15,060 ft) above the main sea level, and its circumference is 88 km. Even today, golden swans continue to swim in it, who turn their necks and look at the passengers. People also revolve around Mansarovar. The Kailash Mountain and the southern part are visible from one side of this lake. The expanse of the Lake Rakshastal is 125 km.

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Places to See Around

  • Mount Kailash
  • Gaurikund
  • Om Parvat
  • Ashtapad Jain Temple
  • Damodar Kund
  • Budhanilkantha Temple
  • Shree Muktinath Temple, Nepal
  • Lake Rakshastal
  • Pashupatinath Temple
  • Yam Dwar

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