Mahamaya Mandir - What is the belief here & Temple timings

Location: Baltal Amarnath Trek, Forest Block, Anantnag, Pahalgam, Jammu and Kashmir 192230

Way to reach

Nearest Airport: Jammu Airport, officially known as Jammu Civil Enclave, is the nearest airport with a distance of 69.7 km from Mahamaya Shakti Peeth.

Nearest Railway Station: Jammu Tawi Railway Station is the nearest railway station, which is around 178 km away from the temple. Buses or taxis are available from the railway station to reach you near the temple.

Roadways: Mahamaya shakti peeth is a popular pilgrimage site, due to which various buses and taxis go there from the various states of the country.

Annual Opening Dates 2023

Amarnath Yatra 2023 is starting from 1st July till 31st August. 

The Legend behind the Temple

According to mythology, Goddess Sati sacrificed her life in the sacrificial fire performed by her father Daksh, after which Lord Shankar was circling the entire universe carrying the dead body of Goddess Sati. During this, Lord Vishnu, with his Sudarshan Chakra, divided the body parts of Goddess Sati into 51 parts, of which Sati's 'throat' fell at this place.

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About Mahamaya Shakti Peeth

Located on the Amarnath mountain in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, Mahamaya Shaktipeeth is one of the most prominent religious places for Hindus. This temple is believed to be about 5000 thousand years old. Snow built Shivling can be seen in the holy cave of Amarnath in Jammu and Kashmir, where Parvati Peeth is recognized as ‘Mahamaya’ and Bhairava placed here is in the form of ‘Trisandhyasvar.’ The Linga made of snow is called Amarnath Shiva Linga, and Mahamaya Shaktipeeth is known as Parvati Peeth. A visit to this Shaktipeeth occurs only at the beginning of the journey of Amarnath. Filled with snow and stones, the journey of Amarnath is arduous, which is done by horse and trekking.

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A visit to Mahamaya Shakti Peeth, Amarnath

Amarnath is a holy pilgrimage center located in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Amarnath Dham, along with the world-famous snowy Shiva Linga, Mahamaya Shaktipeeth, is also incredibly popular among the devotees. According to legend, Lord Shiva was giving the lesson of immortality to his wife, Parvati, at this place. The neck of Goddess Sati fell on this place. This temple is located in the holy cave of Amarnath itself. Shiva Bhairo is worshiped as Trisandhyeshwar, and Goddess Parvati is recognized as Mahamaya Shaktipeeth. The organs of Sati and Jewelry are worshiped in this temple as her throat was demolished. It is believed among the devotees that one who worships and revere's Goddess Mahamaya and Trisandhyeshwar form of Amarnath dweller Lord Bholenath, enjoys all the pleasures in this world and gets a place in Shivaloka. Every year the local government arranges the annual Amarnath Yatra for Shiva devotees. The journey is mainly organized from June to August. Vibhuti Prasad is offered to devotees in this cave.

Mahamaya shakti peeth of Amarnath is situated at an altitude of 12700 feet, 141 km from Srinagar in Kashmir, India. There are two routes to reach the Amarnath cave - one route goes through Baltal, 70 km from Srinagar, which is definitely small in terms of walking but is quite dangerous. The second route starts from Pahalgam, which goes via Chandanwari, Sheshnag, Panchtarni. Most travelers take this path.

Places to see around

  • Sheshnag Lake - An alpine high altitude oligotrophic lake
  • Pahalgam - A hill station in Jammu and Kashmir
  • Baltal Valley - Beautiful Valley at the starting point of Amarnath Yatra
  • Mamleshwar Shiva Temple - A temple in Pahalgam
  • Tulian Lake - Outstanding tourist destination at Pahalgam
  • Thajwas Baltal Wildlife Sanctuary - Protected area in Jammu and Kashmir


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