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A Trip to Chail Hill Station Is Nothing Short of a Dream Come True!

Have you ever visited Chail? It is a beautiful hill station in the Solan district of Himachal Pradesh, India. It is about 45 kilometres from Solan City and 44 from Shimla. The place is known for its scenic beauty and lush green surroundings. Today, in this article, we will notify you about such a beautiful place, which is about 110 kilometres away from Chandigarh. The name of this anonymous place is Chail, situated at an altitude of 18,080 feet which many people also know as Chail Hill Station. If you are fond of visiting natural places and wildlife sanctuaries, there can be no better place than Chail Wildlife Sanctuary. Dense forests and deodar trees add to the beauty of this place. One can see many rare animals, like Himalayan bears, red deer, etc. Let us tell you that it has counted as the leading tourist destination of Chail. 

Famous For

It is known for its natural beauty, lush green forests and awe-inspiring beauty. Do you know that the world's highest cricket ground is in Chail, Himachal Pradesh? The site is blessed with the wonders of nature and is truly an awe-inspiring destination. Surrounded by lush greenery, the area provides mesmerizing views of the lofty mountain ranges from an extraordinary height. It is also called the explorers' paradise. The hill station undoubtedly provides an unforgettable travel experience for a visitor. Hill Place is famous for having one of the world's most remarkable cricket and polo grounds and an affluent resort on the three Peaks. A trip to the hilltop will surely give you an incredible travel experience and memories to cherish forever.

Best Places To Visit

Apart from admiring the spectacular natural beauty of Chail, visitors can also indulge in a variety of activities. There are some best places that are must visit for everyone.The details of the best places in Chail are given below.  

1. Cricket Ground

chail cricket ground
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Cricket Ground is considered the highest cricket ground in India. If we look at the pages of history, this ground had built by Maharaja Bhupendra Singh around 1893. It has known that Maharaja Bhupendra Singh was a staunch cricket lover. Thus, he built Chail cricket ground for himself on the top of the hill. Since then, it has been the proud home for the highest cricket ground.

2. Kali Maa Temple

This temple is also very sacred for the local people. This place is at a height where you can enjoy exciting activities like trekking.

3. Chail Palace

The Palace is a beautiful palace whose architecture has been made of sight. The high mountains beside this palace will surely charm your journey. Apart from this, there are many beautiful parks where you can walk. The greenery surrounding the palace also attracts the attention of the tourists.

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4. Siddha Baba Temple

Maharaja Bhupinder Singh was a visionary leader who wanted to build a temple that would inspire people for future generations. One day, a saint came to him in a dream and told him that the perfect place to build his dream palace was there. So, he made the temple that still stands today as a testament to his legacy and vision.

5. Sadhupul Lake

Sadhupul Lake is definitely one of the best spots to check out when you're in Chail. What really sets this place apart is the lake restaurant, which serves up some seriously tasty snacks like Maggi and bread-omelette. You can sit by the water, enjoy your favourite snacks and drinks, and let your feet cool off in the refreshing lake. The scenery here is absolutely breathtaking, with lots of greenery and a nice breeze in the air.

Best Time To Visit

From April to June, the weather is pleasant, perfect for exploring Chail and the surrounding areas. Enjoy the sun's warmth during the day and cool nights around the bonfire. 

What Type of Culture Has This Hill Place?

The natural splendour of the place has been lovingly maintained by the semi-nomadic tribes of the region, Gurjars, Kinnars, Gaddis, Pangwals, Lahaulis etc. Rathi etc. Thus, Chail reflects a mixed culture and perfectly balances traditional and modern lifestyles. Undoubtedly, visitors have been attracted by the potpourri of many castes and tribes living peacefully and happily in this multi-cultural, multi-lingual and multi-cultural society. The people here are amiable and calm by nature. He loves music and dance. 

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Events and Festivals in And Around Chail

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1. Bhoj Mela

This excellent fair lasts for three days. It has celebrated in November in honour of Lord Bangor.

2. Lavi Fair

Lavi fair has celebrated to commemorate the mutual treaty between Tibet and Bushehr state. You can see many cultural programs performed during this festival, a small-scale occupation among the shepherds.

3. Shimla Summer Festival

Shimla Summer Festival is organized every year in May. However, what is exciting is that you will learn about local music, dance music, cultural performances and photography contests during this festival.

4. Baisakhi

Baisakhi celebrates the start of the harvest season and marks the end of winter. This festival is also famous as 'Bisha' or 'Bissu'.

5. Sippy Fair

It is a fair celebrated in honour of Sip Devta, the deity worshipped in the region. It has celebrated in Sihapur in May or June. During this festival, many jugglers, magic shows, and acrobats show their skills in archery competitions. Many cultural programs are organized, reflecting the place's unique culture.

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How to reach 

Chail is a popular tourist spot located in Himachal Pradesh. Visitors can easily access it through various modes of transportation. Whether you travel by air, road, or rail, it is well-connected to different parts of the country. Its serene beauty and peaceful atmosphere make it a perfect destination for a relaxing vacation.

Chail- Jubbarhatti Airport, Shimla, 72 km

Nearest City- Shimla

Distance from Shimla- 45 km via Kufri

Distance from Shimla – 61 km via Kandaghat

Regular domestic and international flights are available to bring visitors from different parts of the country and even abroad. By plane, Jabarhatti Airport of Shimla is the nearest airport to reach Chail. It is approximately 72 km away. Chandigarh Airport is another airport that can be used to contact Chail, which is 113 km from Chail. After deboarding at Chandigarh or Shimla, tourists can hire private cabs or taxis to get to Chail. Several state-owned and private buses are also available.

Distance from Shimla Airport-72 KM.

Distance from Chandigarh Airport - 113 KM.

1. By train

Chail is well connected by rail routes to different parts of the country. The nearest station is Kalka Railway Station. Located on National Highway 22, it is 81 km from Chail. Several trains running on important routes like Kalka Shatabdi, Kalka Mail, Himalayan Queen and Paschim Express connect Kalka to different parts of the country. Travelling by train offers an incredible view of the natural scenery, making the journey memorable.

Distance from Kalka Railway Station- 81 KM.

2. By road 

Chail is well connected with many cities of North India through metalled streets. Tourists can reach Shimla via Kufri by covering a distance of 45 km from Chail. They can also take another route from Shimla via Kandaghat, 61 km away. Bus services are readily available from Delhi, Chandigarh and Shimla. Both government and private buses are open on these routes.

Distance from Chandigarh - 105.4 KM.

Distance from Delhi- 336.4 KM.

Distance from Shimla - 45.4 KM.


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