Explore The Peaceful Place And The Residence of Dalai Lama- “Dharamshala”


Many of us like mountains, valleys, lakes, snow, and adventures; we go towards those paths whenever we get time. Imagine how memorable your trip can become if we know about those routes in advance. Dharamshala is a city in Himachal Pradesh where you can enjoy everything. The places here are beautiful and attract many tourists every year from across the country and the world. The first name of this place was Bhagsu, and earlier, people used to recognize Dharamshala by this name. Dharamshala is Situated at an altitude of about 5500 feet above sea level. It is located at a distance of 9 kilometres from Kangra, divided into two divisions. Out of which, the lower division is the city of Dharamshala, and the upper division is Mcleodganj. The Dhauladhar mountain ranges in Himachal Pradesh surround this hill station with deodar and pine trees. The town also holds great importance in religious faith, a popular pilgrimage site many devotees visit. This place is also famous worldwide as the holy abode of the Dalai Lama.

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Places To Visit 

One should take advantage of a few must-visit places in Dharamshala. These sites are pretty popular among tourists and are worth their time. Below are some recommended places to visit in Dharamshala.

1.Tsuglagkhang complex

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Tsuglagkhang is a must-visit place. It has the most significant Buddhist complex outside Tibet. Visitors can witness the lifestyle of several Buddhist monks who meditate and study there, which can be a fascinating experience. Make sure also to check out other popular sites like McLeod Ganj, Dal Lake, Bhagsu Waterfall and St. John in the Wilderness Church to experience the best of what Dharamshala has to offer.

2. Bhagsunag Falls 

Bagsunag fall
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Bhagsunag Falls and its accompanying temple are definitely worth a visit. Located 11 km from Dharamshala, the falls offer breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape, while the temple provides a glimpse into the area's rich cultural heritage.

3. Dharamkot

This picturesque spot is just 14 km from McLeodganj and offers the perfect location for a family picnic. It has one of the must-see sites in the area.

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Best Time For Camping In Dharamshala

Dharamshala is a charming little place in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. As a hill station, it boasts breathtaking views and a refreshing climate, making it an ideal destination, no matter the season. Whether looking for a peaceful retreat or an adventurous getaway, Dharamshala has something to offer everyone. 

1. During Winters

Consider visiting Dharamshala between October and March. The climate during these months can be chilly and snowy, especially in January, when temperatures can drop to zero degrees. But this might be the perfect destination for snowy mountains and cosy bonfires. It also has an excellent time for honeymooners to enjoy the beautiful scenery and romantic atmosphere.

2. During  Monsoon

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Dharamshala during the monsoon season, from July to early September, while the greenery of the forests and hills is lovely, very few activities are available. Camping, trekking, and outings are impossible due to the heavy rains. 

3. During  Summer

Dharamshala during the summer is highly recommended, from February to June. This is the perfect time to truly appreciate the area's stunning natural beauty and take advantage of all the outdoor activities available. Despite the higher temperatures during this time, the weather remains pleasant and comfortable. Many tourists flock to the hill stations to escape the summer heat.

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Shopping In Dharamshala  

Check out the local shops and markets in McLeodGanj. They have been popular with visitors for years and offer a variety of unique and exciting items to browse and buy. There are various goods, from Tibetan artefacts to Himachali cultural items. There has something for everyone, from woollen garments to antique and handicraft items. So hop on local transport and explore these fantastic shopping destinations given below.

1. Kotwali Bazaar

Kotwali bazaar
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If someone in Dharamshala wants to shop for Tibetan trinkets and woollen garments, Kotwali Bazaar is the place to go. This bustling market is home to numerous shops selling everything from shawls and sweaters to cardigans and other essentials. Several items are part of Tibetan heritage, including Buddhas made of stone, crystal, wood, and other materials. Even better, the shopkeepers are incredibly friendly and offer their wares at very reasonable prices. Kotwali Bazaar also offers Tibetan rugs, carpets, and garments inspired by Himachali design. 

2. Semshook Tibetan handicraft

Semshook Tibetan handicraft authentic Tibetan items store is definitely worth a visit. This popular store is known not only in India but also worldwide for selling beautiful and spiritual items connected to Tibet. You'll find a variety of items, including Thangkas, Buddha statues, rugs, drapes, and other decorative pieces that can change the ambience of your house. In addition to the spiritual items, the Semshook Tibetan handicraft store also offers a collection of Tibetan and Italian designer clothes that are quite popular among tourists. 

3. Tibetan heritage

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Tibetan heritage, the Village Boutique is definitely worth a visit. One of their most unique things is the singing bowl, which produces a beautiful melodic tune when rubbed with a wooden stick. The bowl is commonly used for spiritual and meditational purposes worldwide, and it can also serve as a stunning showpiece at home. In addition to the singing bowl, the Village Boutique offers various other items, such as wall hangings, books, and deities. 

4. The Jogibara Road Bazaar

The Jogibara Road bazaar is a must-visit for fashionable items with a touch of Tibetan authenticity. Here handcrafted bead necklaces, jewellery pieces adorned with beautiful gems, colourful beads, and intricate designs inspired by Tibetan culture and heritage. Many of these pieces are even encouraged by Buddhism. Additionally, the market offers pendants that contain scriptures of the Tibetan script inside them and Tibetan masks, bowls, Thangkas, and other items. These items are not only colourful but also hold spiritual and religious significance.

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How To Reach

The city enjoys excellent connectivity with neighbouring states through various means of transport. Whether from within India or abroad, there are multiple options to reach the beautiful town of Dharamshala. 

1. By Air

The nearest domestic airport is the Gaggal Airport or Kangra Airport. This airport is just 15 km from Dharamshala, and daily flights connect it to several cities in India, including the capital. From the airport, one can easily book a cab or a taxi to reach Dharamshala, which is just half an hour's journey away. 

 Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi for those who are from outside India. After that, one can opt for a bus or cab or take another flight from IGI Airport to Gaggal Airport and reach Dharamshala, as mentioned above. 

The distance from Delhi to Dharamshala is approximately 490 km, and it takes around 10-11 hours to travel by Road.

 2. By Train

To reach Dharamshala by railway, the nearest railway station is Pathankot railway station in Punjab, which is about 86 km away from the city. From there, one can take a cab or a bus from the Pathankot Bus Stand towards McLeodganj, which would take about 3 to 4 hours to reach Dharamshala. 

Chandigarh railway station is 253 km away from Dharamshala and is a common stop for tourists coming via Train. From there, they would have to take a bus towards Dharamshala or hire a cab to reach the city, which would take about 5 to 6 hours.

3. By Road

Dharamshala has easily accessible by Road. Two major highways, NH 154 and NH 503, lead to the city. One can choose to self-drive or hire a cab to take them there. If someone is coming from Delhi, that has a great starting point. Plenty of rental agencies and cab services are available to take you to Dharamshala. Alternatively, one can catch a bus from Kashmiri Gate ISBT in Delhi. These are typically semi-sleeper Volvos; tickets cost around 1000 to 1500 INR per seat. The journey takes 10 to 11 hours, and the buses usually run overnight.


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