Shriparvat / Shrisundari Shakti Peeth | Timings, Places to Visit

Shriparvata Shakti Peeth is a well-known religious destination for Hindus. It is in the Ladakh area of Jammu and Kashmir, India. This temple is devoted to Mata Durga and is one of the ancient Siddhpeeths. At this temple, Shakti is honoured as Goddess "Sundari," while Bhairav ​ is worshipped as "Sunderananda." Mother's right foot/ right anklet fell on the mountain in the Ladakh region of Kashmir. Another belief is that it is located in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh.

Ladakh is undeniably a magical place! The Buddhist monasteries there are nothing short of extraordinary. Witnessing the fluttering prayer flags in the wind evokes an unparalleled sense of peace and tranquillity. The scenery is simply breathtaking! The rugged high-altitude desert is embellished with picturesque mountain lakes and beautiful paddies. The golden Buddha statue in Ladakh is truly a sight to behold.

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Legend 1 

According to legend, Daksha, the father of Goddess Sati, insulted Lord Shiva and Devi Sati. He had not invited them to Daksha Yaga. Goddess Sati goes to the Daksha Yaga without permission from Lord Shiva. Both Devi Sati and Lord Shiva were insulted by Daksha ( Sati's father). Sati, the hurt goddess, sacrificed herself in the Yagna. When Lord Shiva heard this, he became enraged and began dancing to destroy the universe. Lord Vishnu intervened to prevent this. Devi Sati's body was slashed with his Chakra. As a result, the components are scattered over the globe in 51 separate locations known as 51 Shakti Peethas. Goddess Sati's right foot/ right anklet fell at this temple and has worshipped as Shri Sundari. 

Legend 2

It has said that Siddhas travel here to practise their Aindrajalika Siddhis. It has also been claimed that Vedartha Gyan can be attained with minimum meditation.

Aside from Hinduism, Buddhism is a prevalent religion here, and the essence of Buddhism is found in music, architecture, local people's lives, and paintings.

Srisailam in Kurnool district, Andhra Pradesh, India, is thought to be Shriparvat, according to a few ancient texts.

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Festivals Celebrated : 

  • Shivratri

  • Diwali

  • Vijayadashmi

  • Durga Pooja

Visiting Shri Parvati Shaktipeeth during the festival season, especially during Durga Puja and Navaratri, is an experience like no other. The temple's beautiful decorations create a serene and spiritual environment that peacefully fills the heart and mind. Witnessing the devotion of so many other devotees and feeling the power of the divine energy that permeates the temple during these festivals is genuinely awe-inspiring.

Temple Timing 

6:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Best Time To Visit: June - October

How To Reach:

By Road: July to September is the best time to go by road. 

By Rail:  Jammu Tawi Railway Station is 700 km from Ladakh. 

By Air: The nearest airport is Leh.

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