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The Tripurmalini Shakti Peeth Temple is a sacred place in Jalandhar village of Punjab. This temple is dedicated to the goddess Tripurmalini. It has considered that Mata Sati's breast fell here. Shri Devi Talab temple is more than 200 years old. The goddess worshipped here is Durga, and the Bhirav worshipped here is Bhisan Bhairav. Recently, the temple has been renovated. Additionally, a new temple has been constructed within the temple premises. 

This temple has been established for many years, and it became popular a few years back when people reported their desired wishes fulfilled here. The Shri Devi Talab Mandir trust has placed giant banners outside the temple to inform pilgrims about its past and values. The temple's main attraction is a vast tank, which is as old as the temple itself. Due to this it is named as Devi Talab Mandir . Besides the main temple, there is also one dedicated to Goddess Kali. 

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Temple's Speciality

The Temple's structure is similar to that of the Amarnath Cave temple in Jammu & Kashmir. The temple is well-known for hosting the annual "Harballabh Sangeet Sammelan" in December. 

Famous classical music exponents, instrumental and vocal, perform at this fair. It allows visitors to hear some of the best music, as portrayed in the melodic voices of renowned singers nationwide.


It has widely believed that Tripurmalini Shaktipeeth offers a direct ticket to heaven for those who pass away there accidentally. Additionally, all the Gods are believed to be partially present here to meet Matarani.

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1. Bhasma Aarti

2. Naivadya Aarti

3. Mahabhog Aarti

4. Sandhya Arti Shyan Aarti

5. Festivals

6. Navratri

7. Shivratri

8. Ram Navami

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Best Time To Visit

October to March. The most significant time to visit the Temple Temple is during December, when there is a fair.

Temple Timing: 6:00 AM- 8:00 PM

Nearby Places to visit

1. Nehru Garden

Nehru Garden is an absolutely stunning location that draws in crowds for picnics and gatherings. Countless individuals enjoy a morning stroll or jog through the park, and it's the perfect way to start the day. The recent renovations, including the dazzling lights and musical fountain, are truly impressive and have taken the park's charm to a whole new level. 

2. Mandir Shri Sidh Baba Sodal

The magnificent shrine of Baba Sodal is known for its sacredness and beauty. Every year in September, a fair is organized by the faith of Chadda Baradari, providing a remarkable opportunity to seek Baba Sodal's blessings.

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3. Burlton Park

Burlton Park is a stadium in Jalandhar. It is a great place to play. The wonderful ambience of the place make it more peaceful.

4. Jang-e-Aazadi Memorial

The Jang-e-Azadi memorial near the Jalandhar-Amritsar highway in Kartarpur is a great site dedicated to the courageous souls of Punjab who sacrificed their lives for India. Spanning an impressive 25 acres, it has rightfully become a must-see destination in Jalandhar. Witnessing this grand project soar to such great heights is genuinely remarkable, and it stands as a powerful symbol of pride and honour for the people of Punjab.

5. Harleen Water Fun Park

This park is a favourite summer destination for families, couples, and kids of all ages. With its wide variety of water rides and attractions, including six separate pools just for women and children, there's something for everyone to enjoy. 

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How to Reach

1. By Road

Various buses are available to Jalandhar.

2. By Rail

The nearest railway station is Jalandhar Railway Station.

3. By Air

Shri Guru Ram Das Ji International Airport, Amritsar, is the nearest airport. 


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