Muslim festivals

Islam is a significantly considered religion in India.  Even though India is predominantly a Hindu nation, it also possesses secular beliefs and gives freedom to people of all religions to practice what they believe. Around 14.2% of the Indian population is Muslim, which means, that Muslim festivals also hold almost equal importance in India. India provides national and gazetted holidays on Muslim festivals, as well.

Muslims have their own Islamic lunar calendar, very different from the Gregorian solar calendar. Islam believes in peace and devotion to their God and thus, has four months of the year, when any type of violence is strictly prohibited. The peace-loving religion teaches its practitioners to devote themselves to God, sacrifice in the name of God when needed, feed the poor and help others as much as you can. Many people consider Islam violent due to its way of celebrating certain festivals but to understand the significance of such an act, one must first know the reason.

For every Muslim festival, Indian streets are decorated the same as they’re decorated for Hindu festivals. There is a sense of joy and celebration in every nook and corner. The Muslim festivals that are celebrated in India are:


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