The Secrets of Malana: Exploring India’s Most Isolated Village

Malana, the Mysterious Village of Alexander’s Soldiers in Kullu District, Himachal Pradesh

India is full of mystical places with a treasure trove. These places have diverse traditions, cultures and heritage. We know of many mainstream places like this one, but some popular places only exist in some of their glory. One such ancient place is Malana, Himachal Pradesh. This village is called the village of the descendants of the soldiers of Alexander the Great. It does not accept the constitution of India because its own constitution is very old. The people of this village worship Akbar here and also produce the most famous hashish. The peaks of Chanderkhani and Dev Tibba shadow the villages. After crossing Chandrakhani Pass (3600 m), the route reaches Malana village. The village, situated amidst the peaks of the Himalayas, is surrounded by deep gorges and snowy mountains on all sides. This village, with about 1700 people, is very famous among tourists. 

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Customs and Tradition of Malana 

Malana is the oldest democracy in the world and strictly follows strict customs and traditions even today.  This remote village in India's Parvati Valley of Himachal Pradesh holds many secrets. The Malanis (local people of Malana) are very proud of themselves and consider themselves a pure race. That is why they don't allow outsiders to spoil that sanctity. Although travellers are welcomed here, they cannot live here permanently. This village, situated at 9,842 feet, has become famous among adventure and marijuana lovers in the last few years. The world's best Marijuana is available in Parvati Valley. Indian law does not work here. 


Malana village view
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Alexander invaded India in 326 BC. After taking over Persia, he reached the northwestern part of India (which is now Pakistan). There Alexander's war with Porus took place. Of course, Alexander's army returned to Greece after the treaty with Porus, but many soldiers of his army settled in this village of Himachal Pradesh. Since then, the population of his descendants has kept increasing here. The residents of this place are said to be the descendants of the same soldiers of Alexander. That's why it is also called the village of Alexander's soldiers. A sword of Alexander's era is also kept in the temple of this village. 

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Language of Malanis 

The people of the village speak a language called Kanashi, which is very mysterious. They consider it a sacred language. Its special thing is that this language is expressed only in Malana. This language is not taught to outsiders. Research is being done in many countries regarding this.

Secrets of Malana  

1. The village grows the world's best hashish, known as Malana cream

Malana Tourist
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The cream here is famous all over the world (Ganja, Charas) and  is the major attraction for tourists. Marijuana (Ganja) here in the village is called 'Malana Cream'. The High Times Magazine Cannabis Cup named it Best Marijuana in 1994 and 1996. It is extensively grown in the Parvati Valley. 

2. Forbidden to touch the houses and temples of the village

It is written at many places in Malana that outsiders or tourists cannot touch temples or houses; for doing so, they will have to pay a fine of Rs 1500 or more. The people of the village believe that outsiders are impure. The fines are put in if an outsider touches the houses, temples and people here. With this money, the animal is bought and sacrificed for purification.

3. Strictly prohibited Photography 

People are always happy to pose for pictures, but the people of the village absolutely forbid Photography. They believe in conserving the mystery around themselves, their culture, lifestyle, and their village. They do not like providing "teasers" to the outside world via images.

4. Similar Architecture of Houses

Malana houses are two or three stories tall, with each level having its own name and function. The first floor, Gaying, is used to store food and wool and to weave woollen cloth. The ground floor is known as Khudang, and it serves as a cattle shed and a storage area for firewood and fodder for sheep and goats. 

5. Less Literate

People of the village are Less literate

6. Restrictions

Touching Wood and any other thing or even human is restricted. Suppose any outsider touches wood and pins the nail on the wood. Then they get fined.

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Best Places to Visit Near Malana 

Malana Camping
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Numerous interesting spots in Malana, Himachal Pradesh, make you believe in nature's undeniable strength and glittering beauty.

1. Jamdagni Temple

2. Renuka Devi Shrine Temple

3. Chanderkheni

4. Deo Tibba Mountain

5. Hampta Pass

6. Manikaran

7. Great Himalayan National Park

Trekking and camping in Malana         

Malana Over Chanderkhani Pass Trek
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The track also allows tourists to go camping amidst chilly winds, fresh air, a serene environment, lush greenery and snow-capped mountains. The Gaurishankar Temple, Tripura Sundari, and Roerich Art Gallery may be seen along this route, as well as the peaks of Ali Ratna, Maitri Shikhar, Dev Tibba, and Hanuman Tibba, which are worth seeing.  

Best Time To Visit 

Although there is no good time to visit Malana, its beauty remains throughout the year. If you like trekking in the snow, you can come here from December to February. Although the atmosphere of the village remains a little dull during the summer, during this time, you can enjoy the cultivation of hashish.

How to Reach

1. By Road 

Only one Himachal Roadways bus goes to Malana, which leaves Kullu at 3 pm. The next day morning, this bus goes to Kullu. Regular buses to Kullu are from Delhi, Amritsar, Chandigarh, Shimla, Jalandhar, Ludhiana and Pathankot. The distance from Kullu to Malana is 45 km. On the Kullu to Manikaran route, 8 km before Kasol, comes to a place named Jari. From here, take the Road leading to Malana Hydro Electric Plant. The distance from Jari to Malana is 16 km. After this, there is a track of 3-4 km comes Malana village. 

2. By Train 

Joginder Nagar is the nearest railway station,123 km to Kullu. Joginder Nagar railway station is built on a meter gauge line. There are daily trains from Pathankot to here. From Joginder Nagar, Kullu can be reached by Himachal Pradesh Roadways bus or private taxi. Apart from this, Chandigarh can be reached by train from big cities like Delhi, Amritsar, Jalandhar, Ambala, and Mumbai.  

3. By Air

The nearest airport to Malana is Bhuntar, which is 40 Km away. There is one flight daily from Delhi to Bhuntar, which departs at 6.45 am. It takes 1 hour and 15 minutes.


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