Parashar Lake (Mandi): Where to stay, History, How to Reach

Parashar Lake (Mandi): Where to stay, History, How to Reach

Explore The Enthralling Beauty Of Parashar Lake And The Breathtaking Vistas From Its Beaches

Parashar Lake, located in the Himachal Pradesh district of Mandi, is a well-kept secret. It houses a three-storied pagoda temple dedicated to sage Parashar. Parashar Lake is located in Kullu Valley and has surrounded by the Dhauladhar hills. It is just 40 km from Mandi. The route takes you through a forest and various rivulets.

Meanwhile, as the trail passes through villages, visitors can experience local culture. The trek's highlight is a 180-degree panorama of the Dhauladhar, Pir Panjal, and Kinnaur mountain ranges. The Dhauladhar, Pir Panjal, and Kinnaur mountain ranges are visible from the hike. For architecture buffs, the local temple of Parashar Rishi near the lake, with its captivating Himachali architecture, mixes in wonderfully with the surroundings.

Prasher Lake has situated at an altitude of 2730 meters above sea level. Due to the effect of Rishi Parashar's penance, a lake was formed in his periphery. The place where Maharishi was sitting had taken the form of an island still in the middle of Parashar Lake. The surprising thing is that this island revolves around the lake as the Earth revolves around the Sun.

Parashar, Famous for Circular Island

Parashar, Famous for Circular Island

We would like you to know that Parashar Lake is also famous for its small circular island on its surface, which keeps on changing location from time to time. According to locals, there is a mystery surrounding by movement of the island. In addition, the depth of the lake is unknown. As per the locals' belief, there have been many attempts to gauge the depth since ancient times but to no avail. Post-2000, the temple committee has put fencing around the lake's periphery. The range of altitudes is from 6,050 feet to 8,900 feet above sea level. However, the stunning views and fresh mountain air made it all worth it. The maximum recorded temperature here is around 21°C, with winter temperatures dropping to around -8°C. 

Temple History

Parasher temple was built in the 13th century. How deep the lake is, it has not been clear to date. The bottom of this lake has not been found even today. According to science, the Pacific Ocean is the deepest in the world, 11 kilometres deep. But when a team of scientists went inside the lake and measured the depth, it kept increasing, and they had to stop this test immediately. According to a scientist associated with the team, this lake may be the deepest in the world, but due to being a religious place, much scientific analysis of the mysteries is not done here. "Parashar Lake" has a circumference of about 300 meters. It has a floating island, and its clear water adds to the charm of this beautiful place. A walk around Parashar Lake gives a mystical feel of the calmness of the surroundings. An ancient pagoda-style temple dedicated to Sage Parashara, the patron deity of the Mandi area, stands beside the lake. The temple was built by Raja Ban Sen in the 13-14th century, in which the sage is present in the form of a Pindi (stone). It is also said that the entire temple was built using a single deodar tree.

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The Vedic history of this lake says that the witness of penance of Maharishi Parashar, the father of Ved Vyas, the creator of Mahabharata, the land and its wonderful beauty still exist, which attracts everyone towards itself. This lake was formed by the Pandavas when they were on their way after the Mahabharata with the deity Kamrunag (based on which the entire valley is today known as the Kamru Valley) to find their teacher, Devprayag and the deity's seclusion Loves isolation at this place so much that he decided to stay here for the rest of his life. On his request, one of the Pandava brothers created the lake by pushing his elbow and forearm on the mountain's summit. And this is the reason why the later oval-shaped lake is considered by the local people to be of unknown depth. It is said that many times a 30-meter-tall deodar tree used to disappear due to falling in storms here.

General Belief

The most special thing here is that here the devotees going to the temple take out the leaves of green tar Numa, i.e. Fernnuma grass, from the lake and offer them to the deities inside the temple. According to the old belief, it is said that whoever does this work, his heart's desire is fulfilled. These leaves are of small size, which is also called Jarre. The Pindi of Maharishi Parashar and huge idols of Vishnu Shiva and Mahishasura Mardini are installed in the worship hall of the temple. The huge statues made here are a symbol of great attraction. People from Mandi and other nearby districts visit the place to worship Parashara Rishi and believe that the blessings of the sage will fulfil their wishes.

Snowfall at Parashar 

Snowfall at Parashar

There is snowfall in Parashar Lake and its surrounding areas during winter. Due to snowfall here, this lake freezes. Everyone gets attracted here by seeing the view of this lake. However, sometimes due to heavy snowfall, services are disrupted here, so tourists are allowed to visit here only when the weather is right. In the winter season, trekking here is very adventurous because, during that time, Parashar Lake freezes completely. Parashar Lake, when visited in any season, the temple's view looks wonderful. The view here looks very pleasing in all three seasons.

Festival Celebration

In June, the "Sarnauhali" fair takes place in which many local people from Mandi and Kullu districts participate.

Best Time To Visit

Although the journey may be made at any time of year, but January and February are considered the finest months to complete it. This location is open to the public all year, including winter. While most tourism occurs here during the summer, many people visit the lake while it has covered in snow.

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Where To Stay

There are two government-run guest accommodations, a temple-run Dharamshala, and several campsites at Parashar Lake. The HPPWD or Forest Department Guesthouse are the best places to stay at Parashar Lake. Details on other options are provided below.

1. Heavenly Forest

Heavenly Forest is a landscape located at Parashar Lake. They serve Chinese cuisine, and there is free private parking. This hotel has great infrastructure in the form of a Mudhouse. They provide all facilities in the rooms. 

2. Anuraj Homestay

Anuraj Homestay Parashar has located near Parashar Lake. A garden and free private parking are included in this self-catering family stay. The family room has a flat-screen television. They provide all amenities.

3. Parashar Lake Hill View Guest House

Parashar Lake Hill View Guest House features a lawn and a patio in Parashar Lake. The guesthouse's rooms include a private bathroom and a mountain view.

4. Odyssey Stays Parashar

Odyssey Stays Parashar has located in Parashar Lake. Featuring all modern facilities.

How To Reach

If you plan a trip to Parashar Lake in Himachal Pradesh, you can reach it via two main points (Mandi and Kullu). The first route is through Mandi – Bijani – Kamand – Baggi – Parashar Lake, which covers a distance of 50 km. The second route is through Kullu – Bhuntar – Bajaura – Shayari – Bagi – Parashar Lake, which covers a distance of 65 km.  Mandi is around 430 km from Delhi and 187 km from Chandigarh, while Kullu is approximately 498 km from Delhi. Other details are given below by all mediums.

 1. By air

The nearest airport from Parashar has located in the Bhuntar district of Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, at about 65 km.

2. By train

The nearest rail link from Parashar is Joginder Nagar, District Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, at about 88 km.

3. By road

Parashar has situated at a distance of about 50 km by road from the district headquarters in Mandi.


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