Mysterious Kamrunag Temple With Billion of Hidden Treasure!

 Kamrunag Temple

Himachal Pradesh is blessed with many beautiful mountains and lakes. Such exciting points are often seen here, which are difficult to find today. Along with many variations, many mysterious facts are also present here. One such wonder-filled temple is the Kamrunag Temple in Himachal Pradesh. The beauty of Kamrunag temple has made it in itself. Along with this, some related things can surprise you, too. Let us know some mysterious facts about Kamrunag Temple that you may have yet to hear.

About  Kamrunag Temple

Kamrunag Temple is located in the Karsog Valley, 51 km from the Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh. Kamrunag Temple is situated at an altitude of 3,334 meters. The view of the Dhauladhar range and Balh valley adds to the place's scenic beauty, where thick deodar forests surround the lake and pent-roof temple of Dev Kamrunag. For nature lovers, a trip to Kamrunag  Temple is a trip to heaven. It takes 3 to 4 hours to complete the trek from Rohanda to Kamrunag  Temple on a steep, hilly path of 6 km. Surrounded by thick forests of deodar, Kamrunag temple overwhelms nature lovers. The way to reach the temple is very picturesque, and the breathtaking views here are stunning. The weather at Kamrunag temple is cold in all seasons because it is at the top of the hill. Here, Kamrunag is known as the "Deity of Rain" in the Mandi district.  

Legend 1

According to legend, after winning the war of Mahabharata, the Pandavas were going towards the Himalayas carrying Ratnayaksha (who was hanged by Lord Krishna from the banner of his chariot during the Mahabharata war) in a box when they reached Nalsar. They heard a voice there requesting them to take that box to a secluded place. After that, the Pandavas go to Kamarhati with that box. Seeing a sheep herder there, Ratnayayakasha was so impressed that he requested to stay there. He told the Pandavas and the herdsman that he was born at this place and that the woman who gave birth to him used to worship snakes. He was born from her womb, along with nine sons.

Ratnayaksha further said that his mother used to keep him in a box. But one day, this box fell from the hands of a guest lady who came to their house, and all the snake babies fell into the fire. But Ratnayaksh hid on the banks of the lake to save his life. Later, his mother found him and named him Kamrunag.

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Legend 2

According to legend, the lake was built in honor of the king of the Yakshas and has also been mentioned in the Mahabharata. Bhima, one of the Pandavas, built this lake. Yakshas are believed to be the celestial guardians of wealth hidden at various places on Earth. Based on this belief, people keep visiting this lake even today and consider it the abode of Yaksha. It is believed that all wishes have been fulfilled by offering gold and silver in this lake. The local people worship Kamrunag Devta as the presiding deity of rain. Hence, a temple was built near the lake to offer prayers to him. 

Billions of treasure inside the Kamrunag Lake

It has been said that a treasure worth trillions of rupees is hidden inside Kamrunag Temple Lake, which no one has yet extracted. The lake has so many gold and silver ornaments that no one can even imagine it. Over time, immense wealth has accumulated inside the lake because of people's beliefs and offerings of gold and silver. No one dares to explore the true wealth at the bottom of the lake. Many people visit the site and reverently offer money to please the deities. However, the bottomless nature of Kamrunag  Temple Lake has remained a mystery for decades. According to several legends, thieves made several attempts to steal the lake of the underlying wealth several times. However, the local people believe that all these attempts proved futile. Surprisingly, a large amount of treasure has been hidden inside this lake. Despite this, there is no security system at this place. People believe that the God Kamrunag himself protects the lake.

Wishes Come True

The  Kamrunag temple, located on the top of the hill, is the main attraction among the devotees. Devotees offer gold here according to their ability. It is believed that all people's wishes have been fulfilled by providing gold and silver to Kamrunag. For this, people put money and jewelry in the lake. People have unwavering faith in Kamrunag. For this reason, according to experts, this lake is full of a mystery containing the treasure of billions.

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Festival Celebration 

Every year, the Saranahuli fair is organized in the Kamrunag temple. A big fair is organized at this place in June. Devotees believe Kamrunag gives his darshan on the 14th and 15th of June. During this, the enthusiasm of the devotees in Himachal is worth seeing. Whether childless couples wish to have a child or seek happiness and peace for their near and dear ones, every devotee reaches this place by walking for miles with some or the other wish in mind. People from far and wide offer currency, notes, diamonds, and jewels in the lake when their wishes get fulfilled. 

Best Time To Visit KamruNag Temple

The best time to visit KamruNag Temple is in June. This is when a three-day fair is organized, and numerous pilgrims visit the temple to seek the blessings of Lord Kamrunag. The divine aura during this time is truly captivating.

How to reach

People frequently travel through the 6-kilometer mountain way to reach Kamrunag because there is no direct road. To reach areas near Kamrunag Temple Peak, take a cab from Mandi or Sunder Nagar. Walking from Rohanda or Chailchowk to the temple typically takes 3 to 4 hours. Other mediums to reach Kamrunag Temple from distant places are given below.

1. By air

The nearest Airport is located at Bhuntar Airport District Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, at a distance of about 104 Km. 

2. By train

The nearest rail link is Joginder Nagar, District Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, at a distance of about 101 km from Kamrunag Temple. Train passengers can get down at Joginder Nagar Railway Station. From the railway station, private taxis are available. 

3. By road

Kamrunag Temple can be reached by road from Sundernagar to Rohanda, 35 km (by road), and then Rohanda to Kamrunag, 6 km (by foot). Mandi to Rohanda distance is 47 km.


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