Shikari Devi Temple, Janjehli - Best Time to visit & Recognition

Shikari Devi Temple

Shikari Devi The Temple In Himachal With Astonishing Mysteries

Shikari Devi Temple, a religious place full of the natural beauty of Himachal Pradesh, is situated at 11,000 feet in the Karsog Janjehli valley. Shikari Devi Temple is about 18 km from Janjehli and 94 km from Mandi. It has located at an altitude of 3359 meters. Snow falls here in winter, and many devotees and tourists reach for darshan in summer. Shikari Devi is the highest peak in the Mandi district, also known as the Crown of Mandi. Vast green pastures, mesmerizing sunrise and sunset, and panoramic views of snow ranges make this place a favourite for nature lovers. On Shikari Hill, there is a roofless temple of Shikari Devi, the goddess of hunters. The history of this temple is very excellent and delightful. This religious place has situated amid tall deodar trees. It is the centre of faith of the devotees. Its natural beauty fascinates the devotees. The mountain ranges of Shimla, Kangra, Kullu, and Lahaul-Spiti are visible from the temple located on this hill. It is not advisable to visit this place from May to September as it has covered with snow during these months. The mother's doors are closed in heavy snowfall in these months.

Roofless Shikari Devi Temple 

This ancient and historical  Shikari Devi temple is full of many marvellous secrets. The non-construction of a roof over this temple remains a mystery. History says that building the temple's roof started many times in the past, but every time the attempt failed. The roof could not stay on top of the temple. It is a miracle of Mata that even all the efforts made to date could not provide shelter to Shikari Mata, and even today, Shikari Devi temple is without a roof. This temple of Shikari Mata is the only temple in Mandi that does not have a roof. Here the goddess is enshrined under the open sky. The idols are installed only on the walls of the temple. It is a belief that the deity does not like to stay inside the temple with a roof over it. 

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Snow Does Not Stand On The Idol Of Shikari Devi

The second miracle is that when snow falls in winter, it falls only around the temple, but the snow does not stand on the mother's idol, Shikari Devi, and there is a pile of snow around the mother's idol. According to ancient beliefs, any devotee who comes to the Shikari Devi Temple and asks for a vow, all his wishes are fulfilled. Let us tell you that there is severe heat in the lower areas at this time, while the temperature of this temple always remains around 10 degree Celsius and the devotees feel proud by coming here.

Legend 1

It says that the Pandavas came to this region in their exile and spent some time here. One day the five Pandavas were roaming in the forest, and when they saw a beautiful deer, the five brothers ran after it to hunt the deer. But they could not hunt it when the deer ran away from their reach. They started telling themselves that may be this path was elusive, which is why it did not come under our control. Suddenly goddess Shikari Devi appeared there and said that the deer was my power. Then they apologized to Mother Shikari Devi, and she forgave them. Afterwards, goddess Shikari Devi said I am sitting on this mountain as a Durga. My statue is inside this mountain; if you remove it and install it on the hill, you will get back all your kingdom. The Pandavas installed the mother's idol according to the mother's instructions. Because the mother had been found by the Pandavas while hunting for an elusive deer, for this reason, Shikari Devi has worshipped as the hunter goddess.

Legend 2

There is also another story related to this temple. It has been said that the Pandavas came here during their exile. And to win the war with the Kauravas, he did penance to the hunter goddess here. Mother Durga appeared here after being pleased with the penance of the Pandavas and blessed the Pandavas to be victorious in the war. With the mother's blessings, the Pandavas were victorious in the war and established the temple of Shikari Devi. But for some reason, they could not complete the work of this temple. Pandavas got a stone statue of Mata installed in this Shikari Devi temple, and after that, they left here. After that, many people tried to get this temple's roof made, but they have yet to succeed. Mother is still sitting in the form of Pindi here.

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Legend 3

According to old beliefs, Maharishi Markandeya had done hard penance for many years here. Being pleased with his penance, Maa Durga or Shikari Devi appeared as her Shakti and later settled there.

Some beliefs related to the temple

Every year lakhs of devotees come to the temple of Mata and have darshan of Mata. Whoever bows his head at the feet of the mother, Shikari Devi, with a true heart, the mother fulfils all his wishes.

Best time to Visit

October- April

How To Reach 

Fortunately, the Shikari Devi temple has conveniently located where you can easily commute by bus or vehicle. To go to the temple, choose the path that connects you to the Chandigarh-Manali highway, as the temple is only a few kilometres away. Numerous buses travel to the temple. Aside from that, if you know the Mandi routes, you can drive your car to the temple and have a delightful experience. The forest area has connected by road. 

One has to come from Mandi to Janjehli to reach the Shikari Devi  temple. The temple is 18 km from Janjehli. The vehicle gets to the steps of the temple. Ahead is a one-kilometre journey on foot. There is also a route from Nachan, Karsog, to come here.

Buses go only to the place Bhula, which is in minimal quantity. Many buses are plys till Janjehli. From there onwards, people often go on rent only by taking jeeps. If you want to go from Sunder Nagar, then you have to cover a distance of 94 km via Chail Chowk, Kanda, Bagsaid, Thunag and Janjehli. Similarly, you can go from Rampur Bushahr via Luhri. This road joins the Karsog Janjehli road at a place called Kot. Now there is also a way from Karsog. Shikari is just 20 km from here. Other mediums to reach Shikari Devi Temple are given below.

1.By air

The nearest airport  for Shikari Devi from Janjehli has located at Bhuntar, District Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, about 118 km.

2.By train

The nearest rail link  for Shikari Devi from Janjehli is located at Joginder Nagar, District Mandi Himachal Pradesh, about 152 km.

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3.By road

One can reach Shikari Devi  by road from Nerchowk Place on Chandigarh-Manali National Highway.


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