Panch Pandav Tree

Khajjiar is definitely one of the places which is influenced by the time of Mahabharata. It is no less than any miracle that we can find elements even today since then. Similarly, there is a tree known as ‘Panch Pandav Tree’ of the whole locale. The Panch Pandav Tree is located on the ground of Khajjiar, which has almost 13 shoots of standard height. This deodar tree is near a rest house that hit the road to Khajjiar School and a small town. While the main root of the tree is the same, the base of the tree is branched out into six parts that make it a unique tree.


An enticing place of interest, the Panch Pandav tree has an interesting story behind it. According to the locals, the six shoots represent five Pandavas and their common wife, Draupadi. The locals worship the house near the tree. Also, there is another tree located nearby, which is called the Mother Tree. It has 15 shoots of the same deodar tree and is said to be the Mother of the Panch Pandav Tree.

Moreover, complementing the incredible environment, the tree makes for a beautiful picnic spot. This place is open for 24 hours and no cost for this activity.

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