Savoury Delicacies of Himachal Pradesh That You Must Try!

Himachal Pradesh is a state in India known for its scenic beauty, lush green hills, and delicious food. Every state in India takes pride in its culture and traditional cuisine, and Himachal Pradesh also has a unique taste in food. The state's festivals and marriages are celebrated enthusiastically, and traditional cuisine is integral to these celebrations. It's not just the natural beauty that adds to the charm of Himachal Pradesh, but also its traditional cuisine that contributes significantly to its glory.

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Himachal Pradesh Culinary Delight

Embrace the unique flavors of Himachal Pradesh's local cuisine. Cradled in the lap of the Himalayas, this beautiful state offers an array of enchanting foods, each unique in taste and preparation. We feature everything from aromatic savory dishes to delectable sweet treats. The best part? Each dish has a delightful story and origin of its own, adding to the rich tapestry of Himachal Pradesh's culinary heritage. A must try for anyone who wishes to take an exciting and delightful journey through the gastronomical landscape of this magnificent region.

Ten Famous Dishes of Himachal Pradesh

Experience Himachal Pradesh's culinary treasures like never before!  The dishes are not just a must-try for gastronomes but for anyone who appreciates the rich and diverse food culture of India.

1. Dham

himachali dham
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Dham is a famous food in Himachal Pradesh. Dham is a traditional Himachali meal typically served on a plate of leaves. Dhaam tastes fantastic and has also packed with nutrients. It consists of Dal, Rice, Rajma, Cury, Khatta, Mittha, Dhotuaa, and Sepu Badi. This dish is unique because specialized chefs cook it, and they are called "Bowtti" in the local language. Dham has generally prepared at weddings, festivals, and other special occasions. Dham dish originated in the Kangra Valley of Himachal PradeshDham is a hearty and flavorful dish perfect for a cold day. 

2. Chana Madra

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This delicious chickpea curry is a famous food in Himachal Pradesh. Chana Madra has prepared with hearty chickpeas, savoury onions and tomatoes, and a perfect blend of spices. Whether you're looking for a filling lunch or a warming dinner, this flavorful dish will surely hit the spot. It's a rare dish delicacy that exhibits the Himachal  region's culinary tradition. Madra is made with soaked chickpeas or vegetables with various spices, including cumin, cloves, cardamom, coriander powder, cinnamon, and turmeric powder, to give it a deep flavour. You may find this mouthwatering dish in any restaurant in Himachal Pradesh, and like Dhaam, residents frequently prepare this well-known Himachal Pradesh dish for festivals and other important events.

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3. Babru

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Babru is a type of kachori that is famous food in Himachal Pradesh. Babru has two types, sweet and salty. It has made with wheat flour, potatoes, and spices. This savoury snack is perfect for any time of day. Babru is a local delicacy that's quite well-liked in the area. This delicious snack is ideal for pairing with tea and has a similar aesthetic appeal to the famous kachoris of North India. On a chilly day, there's nothing better than warming up with some hot tea and crispy Babrus. 

4. Kullu Trout Fish

trout fish
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Kullu Trout Fish is a  famous food in the Kullu Valley of Himachal Pradesh. It has made with fresh trout caught in the local rivers. Kullu Trout Fish is a delicious and healthy dish for a light lunch or dinner. Trout is a mouthwatering dish loved by fish eaters worldwide. Many non-vegetarian delicacies exist in Himachal Pradesh, but trout is definitely among the most popular or famous food in Himachal Pradesh. The Kullu region of the state is famous for trout, and trout fish farming is also widely promoted. You might visit Barot in the Mandi district to try this delicacy. The dish prepares with minimal spices to retain the nutrients and original taste of the fish. Served with boiled vegetables makes for a healthy and delicious meal.

5. Siddu

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Siddu is a  famous food in Himachal Pradesh, including Kullu, Shimla, and Solan. It has made with wheat flour and water. Siddu is a versatile dish that has eaten plain or topped with various curries and chutneys. Siddu, made of wheat flour, goes incredibly well with the meat or veggie main course. Siddu takes a long time and effort to prepare, but its flavour makes every minute of action worthwhile. Siddu is readily available at Himachal Pradesh's native eateries to give guests a sample of Himachali gastronomy.

6. Kheer 

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Kheer is a sweet dish that is famous food in Himachal Pradesh. It has made with milk, rice, sugar, and spices. Kheer is a delicious and comforting dish perfect for a cold day.

7. Aktori

Have you ever heard of Aktori? Aktori is a delicious dish that is famous food in Himachal Pradesh, especially in Lahaul and Spiti. Despite its origins in Spiti Valley, it is loved and enjoyed throughout the state. This dish is often made during celebrations and festivities, making it a staple. What's excellent about Aktori is its easy and quick preparation. Every bite of this dish is so rich and flavorful that you'll want to return for more. It's a pancake made from buckwheat leaves and wheat flour, and it's a popular dish during festive times among the Himachali people. 

8. Chilru

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Chilru, also known as Babru, is famous food in Himachal Pradesh. A delicious breakfast dish called Chilru is a special dish of the Mandi people in Himachal Pradesh. It's  made from rice flour . It's a fantastic delicacy that many people in Himachal enjoy on a special occasion like Deepawali. On the occasion of Diwali, it is served with ghee ,dal and milk. It's incredible how different regions have their unique cuisine and dishes.

9. Patrode

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If you ever get a chance to visit Himachal Pradesh, try the famous Patrode dish or  famous food in Himachal Pradesh. It's a unique food item among the Himachali people for a good reason. Patrode dish is made with the leaves of Arbi (Colocasia) in the winter season and has prepared with a paste made of gram flour (besan) and Indian spices. The paste is then spread all over the Arbi leaves, which are rolled and steamed for 20-30 minutes. After cooking, the dish is half-cooked and then sliced and fried in oil, resulting in a mouthwatering snack perfect with tea or chapatis. 

10. Mithha Bhaat or Sweet Rice

mithha bhaat
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Mithha Bhaat, or Sweet Rice, is a traditional and famous food in Himachal sweet dish. This dish is made with rice cooked with sugar or jaggery, then garnished with raisins and dry fruits. It's a delicious and sweet treat enjoyed by many in the Himachal. Must try the rice-based dish served during festivals and celebrations would be best. 


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