Chandranath Temple - Recognition, History & Temple timings

Chandranath Temple/ Bhawani

A well-known Shakti Peeth, Chandranath Temple, stands at Chandranath Hill next to Sitakunda in Bangladesh. It stands 310 meters (1,020 feet) above sea level. According to Hindu sacred writings, this is the site where Goddess Sati's right arm has been said to have fallen. The medieval chariot of the Chandranath temple is renowned for its wood carvings. Chatgaon, a well-known town in Bangladesh, is where Shakti Peeth Chattal first began. The locals in this particular district also refer to this town as Chitagaon. The ancient name of the Chandranath temple was Sitakund.

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According to the Rajmala, a legendary Adisur of Gaur ancestor Raja Biswambhar Sur attempted to travel by water to Chandranath about 800 years ago. Chandranath had accumulated several gifts by the time Dhanya Manikya, the monarch of Tripura, came into power. King Dhanya Manikya of Tripura tried to remove the Shiva deity from the temple, but he failed.

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There are two idols here; Bhavani is the name of the Devi Sati idol. Lord Shiva, regarded as the Chandrashekhar, is represented by a second idol in this temple. Chandrashekhar means somebody with a moon on top of their head or at the crown of their head. Many locals believe Lord Shiva has dedicated himself to seeing Chandrasekhar Hill throughout the Kali Yuga. The temple's stone architecture and artwork have astonishing.


Thousands of worshipers attend the Shiva Chaturdashi Puja at the Chandranath Temple each year. The temple has a stunning vista, and its surroundings are lovely. Every Shivratri, special pujas are performed in this temple. The Sitakund fair is the focal point of this puja. Every year, during the month of Phalgun or February–March, the Hindu residents of Sitakund's Chandranath hill area host a large fair that is celebrated on Shivartudashi. This fair attracts a large number of saints, men, and women from all around the world, including Bangladesh. This festival runs till Dolpurnima.

Temple timing: 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM

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How to reach: 


Sitakund Bus Station, located 3.5 kilometres from the destination, is the closest bus station.


The closest railroad station is Sitakund, which is 2.4 kilometres from the destination.


 Shah Amanat International Airport is the closest, approximately 54.6 kilometres from the destination.

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