Rath Yatra - Jagannath Rath Yatra of Puri

When anyone says "Rath Yatra," the first picture comes in mind is of the world-famous 'Jagannath Rath Yatra of Puri.' It is famous because of the grand celebration that takes place, the larger than life arrangements, a massive crowd of devotees, beautiful idols, and awesomely decorated chariots of the deities. Lord Jagannath is the avatar or incarnation of Lord Vishnu. This lively event takes place in the month of June or July. More than one million devotees from all over India and outside the nation as well, come to Puri to attend the Yatra.

In three different chariots are placed the idols of three deities; Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra - his elder brother, and their sister Subhadra. The Yatra covers the distance of two kilometers from Jagannath temple to Gundicha Temple, who was the aunt of Lord Jagannath and their siblings. It marks the annual visit of the three deities to their aunt. These three chariots are enormous and are newly constructed in the shape of temples every year. Nandiosha is the chariot for Lord Jagannath, and it is 45.6 feet high with 18 wheels. Taladhwaja, Lord Balabhadra's chariot, has 16 wheels, and it is 45 feet tall whereas Subhadra's chariot, Devadalna, is 44.6 feet high and has 14 wheels. The idols of the deities are made of wood with religious rituals; these are replaced after every 12 years with the newly constructed wooden idols.

These chariots are taken out on the streets of Puri with great honor, rituals, puja, great musical instruments so that the lucky pilgrims get the opportunity to have a look of their deities and live the memory of the mesmerizing sight throughout their lives.


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