Khordad Sal: Zoroaster's birth anniversary

Khordad Sal is one of the most important festivals of Parsis. Zoroaster, the founder of the Zoroastrian religion, was born on this day. So this day is celebrated by Parsis as the birth anniversary of Zoroaster. It is glorified after six days of Jamshed Navroz.

It is believed that Zoroaster used to live between 628 BC and 551 BC. He used to live in West Iran or near Tehran. He was born before Jesus Christ. His mother Dughdova was pregnant, and one night she dreamt that this world would come to its end, but the child who was in her womb would save this world from disaster. It is said that when Zoroaster was born, he had a shine on his face with a beautiful smile. When he grew up, his father, Pourushaspa, observed that his son could not get hurt from the fire. They were all amazed by this fact.

When Zoroaster was young, he left his home to acquire knowledge. He became a prophet after getting the prophecy from Ahura Mazda. He spread the knowledge all over the Iranian plateau.

So, Zoroastrians celebrate this day to thank him and giving him honor.

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