Jamshed Navroz - Persian New Year

Jamshed Navroz or the Iranian New Year, also known as Persian New Year, is celebrated by Iranian people worldwide. It usually falls on the 21st of March and signifies the beginning of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. According to the Shahenshahii calendar, followed by the Zoroastrian faith and Indians, it falls later in July or August.

There was a Persian ruler Jamshed, in whose reign this festival started. This day is massive for Parsis. Arrangements for the celebrations begin from cleaning the houses. Houses are well decorated with hangings, flowers, and light arrangements. People wear new clothes and go to the Fire temple to worship Khorshed and Meher, who are said to be the two divine souls. These two are said to reside on the Sun and the Moon, respectively. Sandal sticks are also offered with the prayers to the fire, and Parsis greet each other ‘Sal-Mubarak’ and exchange gifts and sweets.

There is a tradition of laying the table with several articles that signifies wealth, prosperity, productivity, happiness, and color. Like; a copy of Gathas, a ceramic plate with sprouted beans or wheat, a Goldfish in a bowl of water, painted eggs, rosewater, sweets, a bowl with a silver coin, etc.

Similar to all the other festivals, Jamshed-e-navroz is also celebrated with great joy.


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