The Terrifying Tales of Rajasthan's Haunted Palaces | Where The Dead Still Roam !!!


Every person has grown up listening to horror stories since childhood. When we used to listen to scary stories in childhood, we were terrified, but still, there was a curiosity to listen to that story. We used to get so lost in that story, as if we were seeing the whole scene in front of our eyes. It was as if the ghost was before us, and we were the characters in that story. An episode of "Phir Koi Hai" used to come on TV, which was quite scary. There was a line in it which is famous even today - "Sssssshhhhhh phir koi hai" and then many ghosts or witches used to appear. Spirits are true or fiction; it is a matter of discussion, but many places in India are registered as haunted places.

The horror stories of these places attract adventure enthusiasts even today. Rajasthan is one of those haunted houses where not only forts or villages are haunted, but the National Highway is also classified as haunted. Rajasthan is known for its mysterious history. The places in Rajasthan are as beautiful as they are weird. Some people also call these places haunted places. There are many stories about these places. Some people have visited these places, and some know very little about these places. Let us give you information about these places today. Despite the fear of many tourists, there is a desire to visit here. If you also believe in magic and ghost stories, do not forget to visit these ten haunted places in Rajasthan. It has been claimed that those who come here often see supernatural incidents. Let us know about ten haunted places in Rajasthan.

9 Haunted Places of Rajasthan | The Dark Secretes of Rajasthan

Nine haunted places in Rajasthan are more terrifying. Visiting these places is like Going to a horror movie. Find the secrets of these horror places in the section below.

1. Kuldhara Village, Jaisalmer 

Haunted Places in Kuldhara Village, Jaisalmer
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Kuldhara village of Jaisalmer district has been deserted for almost 170 years. No one dares to go alone to Kuldhara, a haunted place in Rajasthan. It has been said that the people here vacated this place to save their daughters from an evil diwan. The voices of the dead people here were recorded in detectors and ghost-boxes in Kuldhara village by the Paranormal Agency of Delhi, and they also told their names. The tourists here have also heard the sound of women's bangles.

2. Nahargarh Fort, Jaipur 

Haunted Places in Nahargarh Fort, Jaipur
Source: Travel Triangle

Maharaja Sawai Mansingh built Jaipur Nahargarh Fort. Nahargarh Fort is situated on the Aravalli hills in Jaipur. This yellow-coloured fort looks very attractive in the pink city of Jaipur. The name of Nahargarh Fort also comes from the haunted places of Rajasthan. It has been said that the restoration organization's owner in Nahargarh was mysteriously killed in his house. After his death, Nahargarh Fort became known as Bhootiya or haunted house.

3. Brijraj Bhavan, Kota 

Haunted Places Brijraj Bhavan, Kota
Source: Patrika

The Brijraj Bhavan is a famous haunted house in Kota and is 178 years old. It has been said that during the freedom struggle of 1857, the Indians killed Major Burton, the manager of the East India Company. After this, in the year 1980, it was converted into heritage. So, the ghost of an English officer wanders here. Major Burton was so disciplined that even today if his ghost sees the guard sleeping while on duty, he slaps him on the cheek.

Brij Raj Bhawan of Kota in Rajasthan is called a haunted place. It was once a stately mansion, which is now a heritage hotel. As beautiful as it looks, it is considered a horror place in Rajasthan. Brij Bhawan has a mysterious history, knowing which will give you goosebumps. Brij Bhavan has now become the Kota State Guest House. According to the people working here, there is often a sound of someone walking in the gallery of the hotel. If someone tries to go to the terrace garden at night, he will be slapped by the ghost of the Major. However, no one knows how much truth there is in the employees' matter.

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It has been said that Major Charles Burton and his twin children used to live in Brij Bhavan (then Kota Residency) when the Indian Army started the rebellion. At the time of the rebellion, the soldiers surrounded this building from all sides, entered inside, and killed Major Charles Burton and his sons with a knife. It has been said that since then, the soul of Major has been wandering in this haunted house.

4. Chand Baori Abhaneri

Haunted Places Chand Baori Abhaneri
Source: MakeMyTrip

Dausa Abhaneri village in Bandikui, Dausa district, is haunted. Chand Bawdi is said to have been built by ghosts in one night. But let us tell you that this place is so grand and huge that it will take many years to build. Chand Bawdi has more than 3,500 steps. From which it feels very scary to go down. Many tourists who have been here have felt very strange. It has been said that a ghost in this haunted place does not let you climb the stairs.

5. Rana Kumbha Mahal, Chittorgarh 

Haunted Places Rana Kumbha Mahal, Chittorgarh
Source: Travel Triangle

Rana Kumbha Mahal Historical Fort was built in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan, in the 15th century. The royal life of King Maharana Kumbha was spent in this fort. When Delhi's Sultan Alauddin Khilji attacked the Kumbha Mahal, its queen Padmini committed Jauhar (self-immolation) with 700 female followers. Rana Kumbha Mahal is included in the haunted places of Rajasthan because many tourists have confirmed that they have felt ghosts in the fort. 

6. Ajmer-Udaipur Highway - NH-79

Ajmer-Udaipur Highway - NH-79
Source: Wikipedia

Have you heard about Ajmer-Udaipur Highway (NH-79) or the haunted place? It is also called the Road of Blood or a haunted place. Even today, the person passing this path has encountered many ghosts. Many people say that suddenly, a woman appears on this highway, who is seen as a red couple dressed as a bride. It has been said that the marriage of a 5-year-old girl was fixed with a 3-year-old boy. But that girl's mother did not approve of this relationship and got angry and went towards the highway with her daughter. Then, the speeding vehicle accidentally crushed both mother and daughter, and both died. It has been said that since then, the soul of both of them has been wandering here.

7. The House of the Witches Jagatpura 

The House of the Witches Jagatpura
Source: Ngtraveller

People have seen white shadows wandering in the darkness of the night at this haunted place. It is told about this place that the king here was greedy and this king did not care about his subjects at all, so the people here cursed the king while dying of starvation. After which, this became a haunted place. People living in residential areas have seen witches roaming the streets of Jagatpura. The witch is seen in a white dress and old, grey hair. Anyone who roams here after midnight needs guts.

8. Sudhabai Mass exorcism, Pushkar

Sudhabai Mass exorcism, Pushkar
Source: Cityshor Ahmedabad

Sudhabai is situated on the Pushkar Bypass in Rajasthan. It is not a haunted place, but if you come here on any particular day of the year, surely this place will give you nightmares. Every year a 'Bhoot Mela' is organized here. When people come to get rid of evil spirits, it is believed that if they bathe in the holy well, the evil spirits will leave them.

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9. Jal Mahal of Jaipur

Jal Mahal of Jaipur
Source: Shankar Das Blogger

The beautiful Jal Mahal of Jaipur has always been a subject of wonder and admiration. The 5-storey palace was built in the middle of Man Sagar Lake, and its four floors have been submerged in water. The 5th floor of Jal Mahal has an amazing architectural style, and it still amazes visitors with its astonishing view. It has been said that in the night from Jal Mahal, there is a sound of someone screaming. Going around Jal Mahal after sunset is not free from any danger. There is a ban on visiting Jal Mahal at night. Hence it is considered a haunted place.


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