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Restaurants in Ajmer

As much as Ajmer is famous for sightseeing, it is equally renowned for its food. With its extensive and varied culinary traditions, Ajmer is a place that will tantalize your taste buds regarding food. Everyone may find something to enjoy in Ajmer, from tantalizing street cuisine to flavorful biryanis. The renowned Kachori is one of the must-eat foods in Ajmer. 

Both locals and tourists enjoy these crunchy, spicily spiced dough balls filled with lentils and other ingredients. They are available virtually everywhere on the street, and the ideal way to enjoy them is with a hot cup of tea. Mirchi Bada is another favorite food in Ajmer. Large green chilies filled with potato stuffing, battered and deep-fried to perfection, make up these delectable appetizers. This is the ideal snack for those who enjoy a little heat in their diet.

You must try the Laal Maas if you're seeking some on-vegetarian cuisine. This spicy and savory pork dish is a specialty of Rajasthan,India. It's a dish that will leave a lasting impression on your taste buds because it's made with soft chunks of mutton, a tonne of spices, and a good amount of red chili. The Rajasthani Thali is a must-try for vegetarian food lovers. This lavish lunch includes several dishes, including Kadhi, Gatte Ki Sabzi, and Dal Baati Churma. It's the ideal way to experience the tasty variety and depth of Rajasthani cuisine.

Last but not least, if you enjoy sweets, try the renowned Sohan Halwa. This mouthwatering delicacy is made with nuts, ghee, and flour. It's a delectable way to wrap up your dinner, leaving you with a sweet aftertaste. The food from Ajmer is the ideal synthesis of sour, salty, and sweet tastes. If you're a foodie or want a taste of Rajasthan's extensive culinary history, Ajmer's food scene won't disappoint you.

If you ever plan to visit Ajmer, taste the food here. We are sharing below about the famous restaurants of Ajmer that you must try!

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Best Restaurants in Ajmer

1. TRM Restaurant

TRM Restaurant Ajmer
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The airy, expansive TRM Restaurant at the Royal Melange offers a pleasant and unforgettable dining experience with its soft ambient and cozy décor. TRM is a great venue to host kitty parties, eat with family, and socialize with coworkers. TRM Multi Cuisine Restaurant is where you can have the tastiest chaats in Ajmer under one roof. The restaurant serves A-la-carte from a menu card with breakfast, lunch, and dinner choices. The buffet spread is excellent and offers a variety of mouthwatering hot treats, soups, starters, salads, curd dishes, and main entrees from various regional cuisines. 

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2. Ambrosia Restaurant

Ambrosia Restaurant Ajmer
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Ambrosia is one of the city's most tranquil and picturesque rooftop views of the Aravalli mountain range at Ambrosia Restaurant. There is an exquisite fusion of traditional and modern Indian food. A wide variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine from all across the country is carefully balanced on the menu, coupled with a mouthwatering selection of snacks. They have many options with cozy settings in 3 separate locations. The garden section, encircled by ethereal water features and cabanas in the Arabic style with curtains, starkly contrasts the stylish and modern air-conditioned space. 

3. Gen Z Cafe

Gen Z Cafe Ajmer
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Besides the most famous Maggi, the restaurant serves momos, pizza sandwiches, spring rolls, kathi rolls, burgers, and more. They have a vast menu, which is very typical. The tea bar also offers a variety of Maggi noodles, drinks, maska buns, fries, wedges, and other foods. All food is available at affordable costs. 

4. Mango Masala Restaurant

Mango Masala Restaurant Ajmer
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Mango Masala Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Ajmer. The restaurant has a beautiful interior, delicious food, and a good ambiance. They provide various cuisines such as Indian, Italian, and Asian. They also offer a range of dishes like vegan and gluten-free options. There are breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. For gatherings with loved ones and friends, it is ideal.

5. Rasoi Restaurant

Rasoi Restaurant Ajmer
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Rasoi is a fine-dining restaurant. The restaurant is done in a Train style. The "windows" are set up to show the sights of a train in a state of motion. This restaurant is famous for Rajasthani thali. It is a place that is suitable for all kinds of occasions. Be it a big birthday party, a small get-together of college friends, a romantic date, or a family dinner. 

6. Sky Grill

Sky Grill Restaurant Ajmer
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The Sky Grill is a charming restaurant. It offers a sophisticated eating experience that mixes a beautiful ambiance with covered tables to create the ideal haven from the bustle of city life. The menu of Sky Grill is full of delicious Chinese and Indian food options. The restaurant also offers drinks, including juices, smoothies, shakes, mocktails, coffee, and tea. The restaurant offers all patrons a welcoming and elegant dining environment. 

7. Royal Spice Restaurant

Royal Spice Restaurant Ajmer
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The ambiance at the Royal Spice Restaurant is warm and welcoming. You may relax and take a meal in a welcoming and cozy setting. For families, the roomy, well-lit dining spaces are ideal. The sitting arrangement on the roof offers a unique dining opportunity while admiring the scenery. The vegetarian Royal Spice restaurant offers various regional and international cuisines to satiate customers' palates.

8. Apni Dhani

Apni Dhani Restaurant Ajmer
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Apni Dhani is a vegetarian restaurant that brings customers deep into Rajasthan's heart through its setting and ambiance. For anybody seeking a taste of authentic Rajasthani cuisine, this family-friendly restaurant offers a distinctive eating experience. The menu at Apni Dhani celebrates the rich culinary legacy of the area with an emphasis on traditional dishes like Dal-Bati, Churma, and Aloo Pyaaz Tikka. Apni Dhani is the best location to experience the authentic flavors of Rajasthan, whether you are a local or just traveling through.


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