Araku Valley - Coffee Pot of India

Araku Valley, one of the famous hill stations of India, is in the Vishakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh. It is a valley that is inhabited by several tribes. It lures the tourists with its pleasant weather, picturesque landscapes, lush green forests, glorious waterfalls, and vast culture.

The valley is located 115 km from Vizag, Andhra Pradesh, and is much closer to the border of Orissa. With 574 permanent families residing in the town, Araku Valley makes up for a perfect holiday spot. While on your trip towards Araku Valley, you’ll be accompanied by Anantagiri Hills and a tempting and refreshing coffee plantation. The world-famous “Araku Emerald” comes from these plantations and is now becoming the premium lifestyle drink in Paris.


Araku Valley can be most commonly called a holiday resort. It is situated 1300 m above sea level in the Eastern Ghats, about 114 km (71 miles) from Vishakhapatnam.

Elevation: 910 m (2,990 ft)

Area: 36 km

Languages: Telugu (official), Hindi, and English

Population: 574 families- 1086 males, 1196 females (as per Census 2011)

Average rainfall: 1700 mm (67 in), mainly during the months of June-October.


Coffee is the primary source of income for Araku Valley. It was first introduced in 1898, in the Eastern Ghats of Andhra Pradesh by British. Till the 19th century, it was spread all over to Araku Valley.

What’s different in Araku Valley?

Various tribes still inhabit Araku Valley by no means, which is adaptive to the modern culture or civilization and still believes in following the footsteps of their ancestors.

The valley smells of rich coffee, everywhere. Apart from coffee, Araku Valley is famous for spices and smoky bamboo chicken.

Araku Valley has exotic mountains like Galikonda, Raktakonda, Chitamogondi mountains, and many more.  

Araku Valley offers dense adventurous trekking and hiking trails. The excitement is doubled with ballooning, which takes you 2000 feet above in the sky, giving surreal views of the heavenly spot.

The most intriguing fact about Araku Valley is that it has hidden 100-58 tunnels and 84 bridges.

Best Places to Visit in Araku Valley

  • Sri Mahalingeshwara Swamy Temple
  • Bheemunipatnam Beach
  • Coffee Plantations
  • Araku Tribal Museum
  • Padmapuran Botanical Garden
  • Sangda Waterfalls
  • Tyda Village and Park
  • Katiki Falls
  • Borra Caves
  • Matsyagundam
  • Dumbriguda Fall


Araku Valley can be best reached via rail or road, giving you breathtaking and almost unreal views. But for international visitors, it also has airline services.

By air:

Nearest Airport is Vishakhapatnam, from where a cab or another vehicle can be hired to reach Araku Valley.

By train:

The nearest railway station is Araku Railway Station.

Best Time to Visit Araku Valley

As the area receives heavy rainfall and is way down in the south, it is recommended to visit Araku Valley during winters, especially in January.


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